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Switch Back Office helps nonprofits and small businesses focus on their mission by providing cost-effective back office support and by identifying collaborative opportunities.

finding a qualified team is difficult.

Companies of all sizes have to decide how to manage back office tasks such as accounting, data entry, IT, payroll, etc. Larger companies with sufficient resources may have dedicated staff in house to handle these operations. For small businesses with budgetary constraints or limited resources, back office tasks may fall on the shoulders of the business owner or other employees who already have multiple responsibilities. 

For many small businesses, back office tasks can consume time and energy better spent on growing their businesses. Moreover, without better solutions for handling back office needs, small businesses might not be able to prepare for new challenges or seize new opportunities to grow. Most business owners recognize the need to delegate back office management to experts, but struggle to locate a cost-effective and quality-assured opportunity to do so.

We expressly created Switch to offer services and answers to small businesses facing this very dilemma. In other words, we’re here to help.

build efficiency & sustainability.

Switch offers scalable back office support with a subscription-based model with flexible service tiers. With dedicated professionals in each field, Switch Back Office delivers expert-level gap capacity at a cost-effective rate to meet your back office needs,including accounting, administration, data management and efficiency, human resources, information technology, and marketing.

In addition, we develop a professional network of small businesses and proactively seek collaborative opportunities for your business around infrastructure consolidation, innovation and idea generation. This means that we actively seek out allies and mutually beneficial partnerships that will benefit your organization within and across industries. 


We’ve helped untangle many organizations.

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