Delegate to experts & focus on your mission.

Switch Back Office helps nonprofits and small businesses focus on their mission by providing cost-effective back office support and by identifying collaborative opportunities.

Time & resources are limited.

While small-scale nonprofits bring a diverse array of voices, innovations, and improvements to American society, leaders of small nonprofits all face the same challenge: how to properly allocate their limited time and resources to deliver their core mission while also managing a wide variety of back-office needs like administration, data management, finance, human resources, informationation, marketing and communications.

Without better solutions for handling back office needs, small organizations experience inefficiency within their operations, missed opportunities, loss of funding, and diminished impact that threatens their growth and sustainability. 

Many small nonprofits want to find a way to concentrate on their high-level, mission-oriented goals without sacrificing quality and efficiency in their back office management. That’s where we come in.

gain expert-level gap capacity.

Using a subscription-based model with flexible service tiers, Switch Back Office offers scalable back office services to your organization, including accounting, administration, data management and efficiency, human resources, information technology, and marketing. By solely focusing on small nonprofits, we deliver expert-level gap capacity at a cost-effective rate, so your organization can save time and cut costs while enjoying professional back office support.   

Additionally, Switch Back Office looks for collaborative opportunities for nonprofits around infrastructure consolidation, service partnerships, and idea generation. In other words, we build and expand your network of allies to create new, mutually beneficial partnerships within and across industries. Our collaborative platform is designed to support your organization to become more sustainable, innovative and efficient.


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