our history

Designed to grant “breathing room.”

Switch was conceived to alleviate the back office challenges faced by nonprofits and businesses. Our vision was to offer a cost-effective, expert-driven delegation model designed to grant organizations the figurative “breathing room” to focus on their mission and let us take care of the rest. Even during times of relative stability, many nonprofits and businesses suffered from inefficient in-house management in the areas of administration, accounting, data & efficiency, human resources, marketing and communications, and information technology. With confidence in our team’s expertise in the very areas where our help was most needed, we sought to reveal how back office operations, when efficiently and inventively handled, can positively impact and enhance an organization’s mission-oriented work. 

That’s why we insisted on developing a team of professional experts with a shared ethos and a shared desire to operate as committed partners to the organizations we serve. We’re more than contractors or a disjointed collection of service providers. We work collaboratively as one team, and we work for your organization with a genuine, abiding investment in its success. 

Since the start of the COVID era, we’ve seen an even greater need for our services. To offer solutions as effectively as possible, we’ve prioritized a data- and research-driven approach. We’ve cataloged the most pressing, expressed needs of organizations and configured our services to help them transition, adapt, and ultimately grow. Using a tiered service model to accommodate varied budgets and needs, we also offer customized services designed to attend to the specific needs of each client, facilitating innovation and expansion for those organizations which are ready for future-oriented steps.

As we help our clients with professional back office support, we also focus on building mutually beneficial partnerships among our clients and within the networks we’ve developed in our respective fields and industries. We see this, in part, as a community-building tool — a chance for organizations to collaborate with others who share their values and aspirations, and can contribute to their long-term goals.


We’ve helped untangle many organizations.

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