who we are

We’re more than service providers.

We’re more than just service providers. We are a passionate team of small business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, and association managers who work to improve your organization through back office consolidation and ground-level networking designed to facilitate lasting collaborations with valued community partners.

Recent economic and public health challenges have heavily impacted nonprofits, small businesses, and associations alike. This climate motivated us to consolidate our expertise and experience to help nonprofits and businesses respond constructively. Our goal is to help organizations leverage an apparent crisis into an opportunity for growth, reinvention, and creative collaboration.

Using a subscription-based model with flexible service tiers, Switch offers scalable back office services to support your administrative tasks, financials, human resources, marketing, organizational efficiency, and IT. We deliver expert-level gap capacity at a cost-effective rate so your organization can save time and cut costs while enjoying professional, specialized back office support.

We also engage in idea generation and networking on your behalf. Switch looks for collaborative opportunities for your organization around infrastructure consolidation, service partnerships, and mutually beneficial alliances. Even through challenging transitions, we ensure your organization remains synergistic, strategic, and sustainable.


Switch Back Office helps nonprofits and small businesses focus on their mission by providing cost-effective back office support while securing collaborative opportunities that strengthen the organization’s network of allies.


We’ve helped untangle many organizations.

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