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In today’s world, ensuring that your organization is successful begins with making sure you have the right tools and infrastructure. Nonprofits and businesses often face technological roadblocks that cause their digital presence to get lost in the shuffle. You might have a website that doesn’t function properly for visitors, or you might be interested in ensuring that your website stays healthy and active. In some cases, your organization might have a member-only portal that needs continual management or an IT environment that requires specialized attention. That’s where we step in. With IT support, website management services, and more, we work to guarantee that your digital tools continue to work for you.

Our team provides the following three tiers of subscription services for information technology support.

TIER I - IT & Website Basics

With a Tier I subscription, we provide general IT support and ongoing website management, sharing our expertise to guarantee technological smooth sailing. This tier includes managing the health of your website and/or CRM system by updating plugins, PHP versions, and other crucial steps to ensure the best performance. We also provide help desk, tech support for purchasing technology, troubleshooting issues, and more.

TIER II - Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the IT support and website management found in Tier I, in Tier II, our team offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management. Our SEO management services includes establishing an SEO strategy, technically optimizing your website, monitoring your website, and assisting in content optimization

TIER III - Digital Campaigns

Our third tier of IT services is our most comprehensive subscription. Tier III includes General IT + Website Management, SEO Management, and adds Digital Ad Campaign Management. If your organization is interested in establishing high-impact digital ad campaigns, our team can provide ongoing management of those campaigns, continually optimizing and tweaking to deliver the best ROI.

If you’re seeking to augment your existing subscription or would like additional help with only one or two categories of Information Technology services, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Custom Services page to discover how we can help with full CRM implementation, website development & redesign, portal creation, UX design and more. Our IT staff can also help with equipment research, software, tools, integration, or aid in the purchase process.


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