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Whether your organization relies on a staff of many or a handful of contractors, managing your human resources is a back office necessity critical to your mission. If your staff is not administered properly, their records not legally compliant, and their work not accountable or appreciated, your services will suffer.

Switch manages your organization’s human resources by optimizing payroll, employee benefits, and overseeing hiring and staff management processes. As with our other service areas, we are well suited to adapt to your specific human resources needs, ensuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of our back office support.  

Below you will find the three tiers of subscription services specific to human resources.

TIER I - Payroll

Our Tier I Human Resources support provides accurate and timely payroll for all of your employees, taking into consideration their benefits, various state and local withholdings, and direct deposit protocols.

TIER II - Employee Benefits

Our Tier II support includes Tier I payroll services as well as managing employees’ benefits such as parking and other cost reimbursements, health care and COBRA measures, and 401k functional management and notifications.

TIER III - Hiring & Staff Management

Our most comprehensive HR support subscription, Tier Three, offers all the benefits of Tiers I & II and adds our role as your organization’s hiring functionary and staff management specialist. In addition to posting job openings and developing job descriptions, we vet initial applicants and provide you with manageable lists of individuals who meet your basic employment requirements, allowing you to interview the top candidates and make a final decision.

Need assistance with other HR-related services not listed here? Please check out our Custom Services page to explore supplemental services designed to augment our tiered plans.


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