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Data management may not register as a priority or asset to many nonprofits and small  businesses, but it should. Although many organizations are able to handle basic data management tasks such as contact records, event logs, and financial data, they may not be benefiting as much as they could from the valuable data they hold about their clients, donors, volunteers, and other constituencies. 

It’s one thing to simply possess data; it’s another to know how to organize, interpret, leverage, and act upon it for the advancement of your organization and the relationships you hope to cultivate. Switch Back Office provides comprehensive data management and efficiency services, from helping your organization with CRM selection and data maintenance to supporting the development of close ties with your contributors and customers by personalizing interactions and data-oriented storytelling. 

We offer three tiers of subscription services to boost your organization’s data management and efficiency:

Tier I - CRM Optimization & Management

Within our Tier I services, we review and optimize your current data infrastructure, including record keeping, engagement platform(s), and client relation management (CRM) database. Don’t have a CRM yet? We’ll help you choose the right software and set you up for success. We also help you keep your database up-to-date and provide ongoing data management support.

Tier II - Membership SOP & Reporting

Tier II services include everything offered in Tier I. In addition, we help you develop and automate the standard operation procedure (SOP) to sustain close ties with your constituencies (members, donors, customers, volunteers, etc.).We provide monthly data reports to keep you informed about your membership retention, donor contributions, and customer growth.

Tier III - Workflow Automations

Tier III is our most comprehensive Data & Efficiency subscription, offering everything from Tiers I & I, as well as a review of your internal and external SOPs. In Tier III, we also develop automations to streamline your workflow, record keeping, and internal and external engagements.

Looking for additional Data & Efficiency Services to augment your existing plan? We offer one-off or supplemental data strategy services for smart fundraising, membership retention, and increased donor/customer engagement. We can also set you up with a data-driven impact evaluation to more holistically interpret and discuss the data you’ve collected and leveraged. Learn more about our custom services.


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