Focus on your mission.

Contract negotiations, financial reporting, government affairs, and legal concerns can frustrate an organization’s leadership and staff. Switch Back Office will never be able to replace your passion and knowledge, but we can ensure that your administrative operations are seamless, sound, on schedule, and aligned with your mission. 

Pursuing your business’ mission-driven activities is demanding enough. We work to grant you the space and opportunity to accomplish your core goals with the assurance that your administration is being optimally handled.

Switch Back Office offers three tiers of subscription services to assure your organization is administered efficiently, transparently, and effectively.

TIER I - Budget Strategy & Management

Seeking help with budget strategy and management? Our Tier I subscription services include management and oversight of budget priorities; within this tier, we ensure that your priorities are being met, your cash reserves are being maintained, and your contractual obligations are fulfilled.

TIER II - Legal & Compliance

Our Tier II subscription services add legal and compliance services to the budget and management offerings in Tier I. We ensure that all tax forms, corporate registrations, insurance evaluations and commitments, and lobbying disclosure reports are complete and filed on time.

TIER III - Government Affairs

In addition to the services offered in Tiers I & II, our Tier III subscription adds government affairs services that include, but may not be limited to grant monitoring, grassroots strategies, and communications with policy makers.

Seeking help with contract template design(s), an update to your bylaws, or other administrative needs? Please visit our Custom Services page to learn more about how we can augment your existing subscription.


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