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Consolidation & creative collaboration.

Even during periods of economic stability, many nonprofits and small businesses lack the budget to hire full-time professionals to handle in-house “back office” tasks like human resources management, information technology, and finance & administration; understandably, they direct their resources towards the organization’s core mission and service delivery. 

Unfortunately, mismanagement of these “back office” functions can create quantifiable financial issues for organizations, compromising their ability to achieve their broader aims. If an organization simultaneously neglects the need for high-quality PR, communications, marketing, and fundraising, it bypasses opportunities to establish or sustain its distinct brand, services, and community presence.

Through Switch, back office consolidation represents a viable pathway to reduce operational costs while investing in long-term growth. By delegating responsibilities to our professional experts, your staff and leadership can focus on their core mission with the peace of mind that administrative, technical, financial, and marketing-oriented tasks are being addressed in a specialized, cost-effective, and impactful way. Our goal is to elevate the performance of your organization’s back office operations to match the enthusiasm and efficacy of your core, mission-oriented efforts.



Bookkeeping, financial reporting, annual financial reviews, and internal control testing


Human Resources

Payroll; Employee Benefits; Hiring & Staff Management



Management and oversight of budget priorities; legal and compliance services; and government affairs services


Information Technology

IT support and ongoing website management; Search Engine Optimization; and Digital Ad Campaign Management


Data & Efficiency

Record keeping, engagement platform(s), and client relation management (CRM) database; develop and automate the standard operation procedure; and Workflow Automations


Marketing & Communications

Communications Management Email design and distribution, social media management; Graphic Design; and Public Engagement

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Focus on What You Do Best: Delivering Your Mission.

Back office consolidation frees up mental and budgetary space to pursue what is most important to your organization, but it also promises to bring an infusion of innovative ideas, insights, and strategic input in areas of your organization that have been neglected or underutilized. 

When Switch adopts back office responsibilities for your organization, we forgo a “paint by numbers” approach. We don’t simply fulfill the basic requirements in each domain. We provide consistent input, feedback, and idea-generation to ensure that each area of your organization’s back office operations is pursued intelligently, efficiently, and in a way that capitalizes on our expertise to support your organization’s mission and vision. We treat each project as a genuine collaboration and embrace the opportunity to bring fresh ideas into the equation.

Our work doesn’t stop there. By partnering with Switch, your organization gains more than the benefits of our tangible work in traditional back office areas. We equally engage in high-level strategic proposals designed to help your organization move forward—strategies generated on the basis of your expressed aspirations and long-term vision. Due to our existing relationships with other nonprofits and for-profit businesses, we’re well-situated to facilitate cross-collaboration between organizations and clients with sympathetic aims. In fact, we relish the opportunity to bring your nonprofit into contact with potential allies, viewing this work as a community-building practice that synthesizes talent, resources, and ideas beneficial to the communities we serve. We see this networking service as a public service, one that not only keeps valued organizations “afloat,” but thriving and innovating.


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