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Why a tiered pricing structure?

It’s all about giving you the most bang for your buck while responding to the essential needs of your organization. Our tiered pricing allows you to choose – within your budget – which back-office tasks you’d like to delegate to us. Regardless of whether you chose a Tier I plan or a Tier III plan in multiple service areas, we bring the same expertise and professionalism to the table, empowering your organization to focus on its mission.

Do you offer any different pricing options?

We offer custom services designed to accommodate any supplemental, time-sensitive, or project-specific needs you have. If you need our help with just one task in one service area, or you’re satisfied with your current subscription and would like to add a new dimension to it, Custom Services is the place to go.

I have an upcoming event -- do you offer one-off services for event management?

Yes! We’re happy to help. This would fall under our Custom Service offerings. Please contact us today to share your vision for the upcoming event.

Does Switch Back Office provide custom services outside of the items listed?

We offer a range of custom services that fall outside of our listed subscription offerings. Please explore our Custom Services page for more information. If you still don’t see information regarding your specific service need, please contact us today and we’ll find a way to help.


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